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Date : 12 / Oct / 2018
Time : 8pm
Address : 12337 South Rt. 59 Plainfield, Illinois 815.436.3900

Nevin’s Brewing Company

Nevin's Brewing Company

Nevin’s Brewing Company opened its doors in December 2012. Like all breweries, we use grain to make our beer. But unlike other breweries, we do not simply discard our used or “spent” grain. Instead, we deliver our spent grain to local farmers to use as feed for livestock and compost to enrich the soil for vegetables. We then, in turn, purchase this well-fed livestock and nutrient-rich vegetables to make our steaks, burgers, salads, side dishes and so many other items on our menu.

Our goal is not only to bring you the freshest, most flavorful food and beer possible, but also to aim as high as we can for true sustainability.