Chris Yonke
Vocal / Beat Thing

Do you hear those voices? The voices of the angels? If you want to, all you have to do is listen to Trés Moustache’s lead singer Chris. His strangely small group of friends call him “Yonke.” he takes the beauty of music and elevates it up to the highest clouds in the skies. This front man’s stage presence and energy are undeniably contagious and consistently leave crowds wanting more of his powerful vocal ability and range. Coincidentally, he is the only band member who cannot grow a moustache!

Ryan Hammer
Vocal / Guitar

Ryan, or “Hammer,” is an arrangement genius! If you ask, he shall make sure you receive. There is something to be said about someone who can take literally any song and make it soothingly glorious in the eyes or ears of all. He takes guitar playing to a level beyond that of Mario World 8 – 8, the princess has been saved, Bowzer has been vanquished, and music has now been perfected.

Pat Bitautas

Pat, or “Booty” as he is known by close friends or “peeps”, has always brought a certain level of awesomeness to any song Moustache has adapted. Whenever there was a need for re-inventing a song, Pat has done everything right in assembling it!

All great things come in threes: morning, noon, night; breakfast, lunch, dinner; three wishes from a Genie, and of course, Trés Moustache, the collaboration of three perfect musical minds known as Yonke, Hammer, and Booty. Taking influences from all of their favorite musicians, Trés Moustache brings perfect live acoustic sound to any room, street, or venue they play at, and they rarely leave people without tears in their eyes. People love their tenacity while on stage, and their witty banter keeps audiences craving their every moment of musical pleasure.
Chris, Ryan, and Pat have each been playing music for almost 20 years. Together, they have been melting faces for 7 years and every moment of it has been awe-inspiring. In addition to writing some great tunes together, the band has turned some already great cover songs into absolutely glorious pieces of music. Ryan and Pat are most definitely two of the most consistently great guitarists that have ever graced the musical stage

Trés Moustache is undeniably a force to be reckoned with, and if you think of great shows, you think of MOUSTACHE!
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